Cancer Screening - Accessibility Support

This resource is for people who may need additional advice and support to take part in NHS Cancer Screening Programmes. This also includes carers and the people they care for.

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Cancer Screening - Bake It

Get creative in the kitchen. Ask your group members or friends to bake a cake to promote cancer awareness. You can theme it around an awareness month i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness month in October or Bowel Cancer Awareness month in April.

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Cancer Screening Bingo

Bingo is a fun and interactive way to engage with your audience, everyone loves a good game of Bingo!

Bingo is easy to use and even easier to tailor to your audience needs. So straight forward – the first person to get a ‘line’ or a ‘full-house’ wins!

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Cancer Screening - Craft

Why not get crafty at future cancer awareness sessions!

This is a great way to engage your audience, young and old people alike. You can theme activity around breast, bowel
or cervical cancers. This is a great way to enjoy a fun task together whilst having conversations about cancer.

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Cancer Screening - Crossword

This crossword requires participants to answer a question related to cancer to solve the clues. You can either do this individually, in teams or as a group.

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Cancer Screening - Hook-a-Duck

This well-known children’s bath-time toy can easily be adapted for cancer awareness engagement activities to use with local communities.

Each duck has a cancer fact or statistic taped to the bottom. Ask participants to hook-a-duck, then have a brief advice conversation based around the ‘fact’.

Participants can keep going until they have ‘hooked’ all the ducks.

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Cancer Screening - Odd one Out

Simply show the first page of celebrities to your members and ask them to guess who the odd one out is. All celebrities have been affected by cancer, the odd one out has either survived the illness or died because of the illness.

This will give you a way to start a conversation about cancer and how it can affect anyone, regardless of background.

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Cancer Screening - Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a Scavenger Hunt is always good fun – whether online or in-person, people love to get involved. They are so much fun and easy to host. Simply ask your audience to go and find (scavenge) whatever is on your ‘scavenger’ card – first one to bring back the item, wins!

You can then use the items to start a conversation about cancer and the importance of screening.

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Cancer Screening - Word Search

Word searches are a simple and fun way to raise an issue as sensitive as cancer. Having found the listed words, you can then use these to start a conversation with people about their meaning.

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