Welcome to the May Answer Cancer update for 2024.  Hopefully, you will find some helpful links, news and information as we head towards summer.

Newsletter Highlights

• Book onto our range of training sessions up until September 2024.
• Cervical Screening Awareness week 17th – 23rd June
• Men’s health week 10th -16th June
• Win! Win! Win! Answer Cancer survey and prize draw
• Try out our new Chatbot
• Find out who has pledged to Bee Seen, Get Screened.
• We are winners!
• The Manchester Wellbeing Cancer Choir


Upcoming Training & Events

Free training sessions from Answer Cancer, the Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme! Different dates and times are available to suit you. We are now offering training through a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions, so please make note when signing up!

You need to register in advance to attend the sessions, but you can join as many sessions as you like. For a list of courses and register, please click here.


Courses provided by other organisations

Talk Cancer Courses

The 2024 dates for Cancer Research UK Talk Cancer and Train the
Presenter courses are now live on the Greater Manchester Cancer
Academy’s website.

Delivered by nurse trainers, these online, interactive workshops give
you the knowledge to raise cancer awareness in your community so
that you can feel confident talking to people about:

• How to reduce the risk of cancer
• The importance of spotting cancer early
• The national cancer screening programmes.

If you promote health and wellbeing in your community, the Talk Cancer
training will help you make your conversations more impactful.

Learn more here


June 17th – 23rd is Cervical Screening awareness week. Like and share our campaign?

Going for cervical screening isn’t always easy, and everyone’s experience is different. Changes in life from receiving a first invitation for a test, through childbirth, transitioning, menopause or just how we feel day-to-day, can all have an impact.

Our campaign this year shares hints and tips for an easier screening experience as well as general information about cervical screening and health.

Look out for our social media posts throughout Cancer Screening Awareness Week. Like and share this important information and take the opportunity to have conversations with friends, family, work colleagues and anyone with a cervix about Cervical Screening.


This Men’s Health Week lets talk prostate

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer for men in the UK and can affect anyone with a prostate. Your risk can be higher because of your age, ethnicity, family history or lifestyle.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of myths and misconceptions that stop men from checking their risk and getting an early diagnosis.

For example, 42% of men who haven’t yet checked their risk think it’s up to their GP to tell them if they need to worry about prostate cancer. There is currently no national screening programme, and GPs don’t contact men to tell them about getting tested.

46% think they’d need a rectal exam to get tested. this was one of the biggest factors putting them off doing anything about their risk. The “finger test” is no longer the standard test for prostate cancer. A trousers on PSA blood test is now seen as the most useful initial test for prostate issues.

This Men’s Health Week, it’s about time we break down these barriers so more men can check their risk of prostate cancer. Remember detecting cancer early makes it much more treatable.

Lets encourage men to be proactive about their health and not wait until there is a major problem before they go to see their GP.

Check your risk

Got questions?

The new Answer Cancer AI chat bot can help you find the answers.  It makes finding what you want on our website easier and more accessible.  Why not give it a try?



Who has pledged to Bee Seen, Get Screened?

6315 Bolton NHS Trust employees can now take time off for cancer screening thanks to them signing up for the Bee Seen, Get Screened pledge in May. The pledge ensures:

• Time off or flexible working to attend cancer screening appointments.
• Talking about health and wellbeing initiatives in the workplace.
• Making opportunities to talk about cancer and the importance of cancer screening at work.

If you are an employer or an employee who would like to know more about the Bee Seen, Get Screened pledge, you can chat to us, visit our website or just sign up below. It’s free, easy, quick to do and saves lives.

Sign the pledge


The Answer Cancer Bee Seen Get Screened submission took first place at the GM Cancer Conference poster competition in May. Congratulations to everyone involved.


The Manchester Wellbeing Cancer Choir…

The Manchester Wellbeing Cancer Choir were a big hit at the recent Greater Manchester Cancer Conference. But there are benefits beyond enjoyment of their performance.

Studies show that a single one hour choir session reduced stress hormones and increased levels of immune proteins in people affected by cancer. In the longer term, singing was shown to significantly decreased anxiety and increase wellbeing for carers and improved self-efficacy and self-esteem for those who had been bereaved.

With so many proven benefits it might be time to join!

The Manchester Wellbeing Cancer Choir will be joining us for our next Cancer Champions Appreciation Event on the 10th October 2024, so save the date.


If you have any questions or queries please contact us using the link below.




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