Free online training sessions from Answer Cancer, the Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme.  Different dates and times available to suit you.

Cancer awareness saves lives. Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with Cancer. We know that the earlier a cancer is detected, the better the outcome for the people involved. Early detection saves lives. Cancer screening saves lives. Why not top up your knowledge and confidence so that you can help yourself, your family members, community leaders and staff.

Some sessions this quarter are FACE TO FACE, others are online, you need to register in advance to attend the sessions, you can join as many as you like.

Click on the links to register and find out more information; do register quickly as places fill up, if you are unable to attend, please let us know by sending an email to so that the place can be freed up for someone else.

All sessions are fun, interactive, and informative.

Planning and Measuring Success


Do you want to be able to prove that your work has had impact and benefit?

Attend this session to learn how to,

  • Plan for success
  • Collect and interpret data for measurement
  • Prove success and impact
  • Celebrate your success

This session is very simple and jargon free and after attending it you will be able to measure the unmeasurable and demonstrate the benefit of your work.

Thursday the 7th of December                  1pm-2.30pm                                 Click Here


NHS Cancer Screening Programmes

This 90 mins session will super charge your knowledge and understanding of the 3 NHS Cancer Screening Programmes and why they are so important. You will learn who’s eligible, what’s involved, and what messages and approaches we can use to encourage others to take up their screening invite.

Tuesday the 12th of December

Online                                                            10am-11.30am                             Click Here     



Difficult Conversations- Talking about Cancer: The Why and How to do it


The session is around how to have conversations about cancer. This will cover areas including why it’s important to talk about cancer, how to do it using empathy and listening skills. A session delivered around the theme of mental health. To beat cancer, we need to talk about it. For many people it’s still a challenging topic to bring up in conversation and it’s common to avoid what we may see as difficult conversations because we don’t know how to approach them. This session is to help you feel more confident talking about cancer and other health conditions, so you can have more conversations that help save lives.

Wednesday the 6th of December              11am-1pm                                     Click Here          


How to Run Brilliant Cancer Screening Awareness Sessions


This exciting course focuses on growing your facilitation and presentation skills, knowledge, and confidence. It is designed for any level, from beginners upwards. You will come away with lots of ideas and tips to help you run cancer screening awareness sessions in your work or community. These are fun and interactive sessions. We will share resources to help you, including a script, PowerPoint slides, and activities to use in different settings.

This course will run for 2 hours with a short break to network or grab a cuppa.

Tuesday the 5th of December                   10am-12pm                                   Click Here


For the Lads: Prostate Cancer and Bowel Screening


This 90 mins session aims to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and the importance of prostate cancer awareness. We will discuss two cancers which are important to men, their families, friends and organisations who work with men.

The session will be facilitated by Answer Cancer staff and a Prostate Cancer Champion/Answer Cancer Champion.

Did you know that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, but most men with early prostate cancer don’t have symptoms? Prostate cancer is not always life-threatening. The earlier you catch it the more likely it is to be cured. Bowel Cancer Screening saves lives. Every year, thousands of people in Greater Manchester take part in the screening programme but in some of our communities, men are not taking up their screening invite.

Tuesday the 21st of November                         1-2.30pm                                      Click Here


Workplace wellbeing: Cancer and Cancer Screening


This short interactive session will increase your knowledge and confidence about cancer and cancer screening, and the important role that workplaces have.

We will start by getting a common understanding about what cancer is, and the local picture in Greater Manchester. We will discuss some of the most popular myths surrounding cancer and replace them with facts, especially the importance of early detection and cancer screening.  Finally, we will explore some creative (and fun) ways to start conversations and raise awareness across your workplaces. You will be shown useful resources to adapt or use, and given easy to remember ‘key messages’ to share with families, friends, clients and customers.

The course will run for 1¼  hours (75 minutes).

Tuesday the 28th of November                          10-11.30am                                   Click Here

Thursday the 14th of December                        1pm-2.30pm                                  Click Here


Answer Cancer is the working name of the Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme. It is a voluntary sector partnership working to improve cancer awareness and increase uptake of cancer screening across Greater Manchester.

If you have any queries, please email: