We are delighted to have released a new Answer Cancer Podcast, featuring the amazing Ehinor Otaigbe-Amedu from Organisational Answer Cancer Champion, Wonderfully Made Woman!

We sat down and heard more about what they are doing on a range of issues, including cancer, and how they are challenging taboos and stigmas.

Wonderfully Made Woman provides holistic support for women and girls who have experienced significant adversity, helping them build their confidence so they can thrive. They achieve this through a number of projects including:

  • Single mothers project
  • Breakfast club
  • 1-2-1 Emotional and practical support
  • Domestic abuse awareness sessions
  • Confidence building workshops

As an Organisational Answer Cancer Champion they also run cancer awareness sessions, discussing signs & symptoms and the importance of attending screening. To find out more about becoming an organisational champion visit here.

Listen to the Podcast Now!