As well as individuals, organisations can sign up as Cancer Champions too. Encouraging the organisation at which you work or volunteer to sign up can be an extremely effective way of raising awareness. Signing up as an Organisational Cancer Champion is straightforward, free, and can help save lives.

In many ways, signing up your organisation is similar to signing up as an individual Cancer Champion. Both roles are about committing to making a difference by sharing information about cancer risk reduction and screening services, and both roles are about encouraging others in your community to speak up about cancer to effect positive change. Organisations’ reaches are often larger than those of individuals, so signing up an organisation you’re involved with is a great way to amplify these messages.

Being an effective Organisational Cancer Champion is about promoting engagement with the Cancer Champion movement to your organisation’s staff, volunteers, service users and partners by taking some simple actions. There are many different ways in which organisations can easily integrate sharing cancer awareness messages into their everyday work. Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to set about doing this; you will have our full, ongoing support. We’re able to offer: advice, training, resources, the delivery of engagement sessions, communications support, news and updates, the opportunity to work collaboratively as part of the wider Cancer Champion movement, and links to funding opportunities. Above all else we are committed to listening to your needs and ideas and working with you to help tackle health inequality in Greater Manchester.

The first step to signing up as an Organisational Cancer Champion is to secure a commitment from your organisation to the initiative. Organisations can choose to approach sign up differently depending on their size and governance arrangements. Some sign up individual teams as a first step, whilst others take a decision at senior officer level and involve the entire organisation. It could be that you feel in a position to sign up your organisation, if not, your first port of call should be talking to those in your organisation who can support you in getting the organisation signed up. These will be the organisations chief officers, department heads, any team members involved in wellbeing, engagement or human resources work.

If you’d like to sign up your organisation but would welcome some support in how to do this, or if you’re interested in signing up your organisation and would like to find our more, please contact Answer Cancer at

When you’re ready to sign up, please complete our short Organisational Cancer Champion sign up form here.