To celebrate International Women’s Day, this course focuses on promoting positive health, wellbeing and cancer awareness & prevention messages for women and those with an interest in women’s health. This training seeks to show women how they can protect themselves and share key messages through their networks that may help family, friends and co-workers do the same. This session will be fun and interactive, with practical tips that women can takeaway and share with others.

By the end of this 2 hour session participants will:

  • Learn and understand major Risk Factors to health
  • Know 5 Ways to Wellbeing
  • Early cancer Signs & Symptoms to be aware of
  • NHS Cancer Screening Programmes – Eligibility, What’s involved, Protection & Prevention benefits
  • Know ‘key messages’ to share with others
  • Briefly cover ‘self-care’ and make a 10 minute ‘self-care’ Plan
  • Make a ‘Plan’ to share learning with others and ‘turn learning into practice’
  • Know how to sign-up to become a Greater Manchester Cancer Champion


This session is open to anyone living within the Greater Manchester area with an interest in promoting positive cancer awareness messages to family/friends/work colleagues or anyone else within your local community. We hope you will join us and sign up to become a Greater Manchester Cancer Champion –

To book, click here.