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Newsletter Highlights

  • Find out about GM lung health checks.
  • Learn how genomic medicine can help identify, treat and manage diseases and how you can get involved.


Genomics, health inequalities and an integrated approach to addressing disparities in the provision of precision medicine in the North West.

A new video developed by Monaza Choudry Patient Experience & Equality Lead North West Genomic Medicine Service Alliance in collaboration with Lord Victor Adebowale Chair NHS Confederation and Sharmila Kar Interim Director NHS NW BAME Assembly explains how genomic medicine can lead to early detection, faster diagnosis and more targeted treatments for diseases such as cancer.

It is widely recognised that certain groups and communities are affected more by particular medical conditions including some cancers. Some of these have a genetic explanation but it is also widely acknowledged that members of these groups do not have the same level awareness of or equity of access to testing services as others do.

This video aims to increase awareness among these traditionally underserved groups and to increase access to early screening and treatment.

Watch the video and then give your feedback on what you have heard to help facilitate the development of genomics across all GM communities.

Lung health checks are now happening throughout Greater Manchester

In Greater Manchester you can access targeted Lung Health Checks which help find problems early (often before you notice anything is wrong) and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful – ultimately saving lives.

Most lung cancers grow slowly enough for them to be found at an early stage by a lung scan.

Those aged from 55 to 74 who smoke or used to smoke have a higher risk of developing lung cancer and will get an invite to check their lungs are working well. It’s rare that an issue is found, but if it is the lung health team can act quickly and provide treatment. It’s your decision if you attend a lung health check or not.