Cervical Cancer affects over three thousand people every year in the UK. Although not one of the most common cancers, it is amongst the most preventable, thanks to screening and the HPV Vaccine.

The week of the 23rd to 29th January is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, and we ask that you all help us to share important messages around cervical cancer and in particular the importance of screening!

There are some very simple actions that we can all take which could make a huge difference and potentially save lives.


Have conversations with your friends & family about health, cancer and the importance of screening.

By talking about cancer and screening we help to destigmatise them and make them seem more normal.

Take up of cervical screening in Greater Manchester is currently very low so we want to encourage more people to attend. We understand that there may be cultural issues around taking part, and for some people isn’t an easy undertaking. However, for those who can attend, it’s important to remember that screening can catch changes early, before they have a chance to develop.


Share information on social media or via WhatsApp about the HPV Vaccine, screening & where to get advice.

There are a lot of misinformation and myths shared online so it’s important that we challenge these and only share information from trusted sources such as the NHS or cancer charities.

The HPV Vaccine protects against the virus which causes over 99% of cervical cancers. It is offered to boys & girls aged 11-13 as it’s most effective before you become sexually active.


Get involved in activities and events in your local community and sign up as a Champion!

Finally, and most importantly, we hope that you will consider getting involved and playing an active role, not just by having conversations & sharing information, but also working in partnership with us to raise awareness. Please get in touch if you want to discuss this further!


To help you spread the word during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, we have prepared some resources for you to use on social media or WhatsApp.