Complete The Cancer Screening Insight Survey for an opportunity to win a voucher worth £25.

The survey aims to explore your experiences of the NHS Cancer Screening System and identify what is working about the NHS Screening system and what could be done to improve it. The findings will then be reported back into service planning and commissioning systems.

To take part and to be entered into the prize draw click the link here.


Here’s what we need you to do and how you can take part:

  • We have devised a quick online survey (up to 10 questions – 5 mins approx.) for you to complete.
  • To be eligible to take part in the survey you must be a resident of Great Manchester.
  • You will automatically be entered into the prize draw if you have already completed the survey and given us your contact details.

Surveys must be completed by 6pm on Friday 19th August.  The prize draw winners will be notified shortly after this date.


Click the link here to take part in the survey and for a chance to win one of our great prizes.