We are delighted to welcome to the Answer Cancer Team Sabina Khanum, our new Development Worker who will be leading our work with individual Champions. Here are a few words of introduction from Sabina:

Hi everyone! My name is Sabina, I’m the new Development Worker for Answer Cancer. It’s coming up to the end of week two and I can already say it’s been an absolute pleasure to be working amongst such driven souls and a fantastic organisation.

Prior to the pandemic I graduated in Social Policy (BSc) and Answer Cancer is the first job I have pursued. I have never worked for anyone but myself in the past so I’m happy to take on board all the advice and tips given to me! I do also come with perks!! If you love to dine out and love a good curry, my family and I own a few Indian restaurants around Greater Manchester!

Thank you for the warm welcome to everyone I have already met, and for those of you I have not yet met, I will be contacting everyone in the upcoming weeks. Please bear with me as I am still finding my feet. On that note, I look forward to embarking on this journey with you all and I hope to support everyone the best I can. I also quickly wanted to thank Kirit Patel, who has left me a great foundation to work with and an even greater group of Champions.