To mark LGBT History Month during February, Answer Cancer recently hosted an event to discuss the important issue of Cervical Screening for Lesbian or Bi women. A recording of the event is available to view on our YouTube channel here.

Speaking were Sarah Jones, Screening & Immunisation Coordinator at Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, and Ellie White, Women’s Programme Coordinator at LGBT Foundation. Sarah started out with some of the key facts about Cervical Screening (often called the smear test), such as what it involves, who it is for, and what accommodations are available to make it easier for people to take part. You can see Sarah’s slides from the event here.

Following, Ellie discussed some of the barriers that lesbian and bi women face, some of the common myths and how we can tackle these. You can view Ellie’s slides here.

We also showed a short film by Girl Gang Manchester tackling Smear Fear, and a pre-recorded interview with singer-songwriter and LGBT campaigner, Horse McDonald.

Thank you to our amazing speakers and to everyone who attended the event.