For many groups that run community activities, the biggest challenge is not doing the work, but demonstrating the impact that it has on their communities to funders and commissioners.

To address this, Answer Cancer has launched several different ways to support our communities and upskill them in research and evaluation techniques.


Drop In Sessions

Weekly online ‘drop in’ sessions have been organised for anyone requiring any support around research and evaluation. The sessions will offer one-to-one support and is ideal for any individuals or organisations who are carrying out research on the activities they have been involved with. No registration is required, simply follow the link to join in. The sessions will take place every Thursday at 1pm, starting begin from 12th August 2021. To take part click here.


Community of Practice

The Research and Evaluation Community of Practice offers a supportive and unique environment to network, share best practice and develop new skills. The Community of Practice has officially launched exclusively on Slack. Details about the upcoming ‘in-depth’ Community Researcher Training will be shared via this platform, and you will get an opportunity to use the platform to shape these sessions. To join click here.

The Community of Practice also has a Facebook page and a WhatsApp Group – please email us if you wish to join.


These channels are primarily aimed at organisations, in particular those who have received funding from Answer Cancer. However, they are open to anyone with an interest in the topic of research and evaluation.