Over the last couple of days, the Answer Cancer programme, has been sending bunches of flowers to nominated nurses across greater Manchester.

Kirit, one of the programmes workers said “We have all had a really tough year, and that definitely includes our hard working nurses. Post COVID, we wanted to spread some colour and thanks to nurses after a really grey period.”

Answer Cancer is in their third year of running to raise cancer screening numbers in Greater Manchester.

The programme was launched because sadly the region has one of the lowest screening uptakes in the country.

Vanessa, another programme worker, said “Early detection is so important, because the earlier you get a diagnosis, means that your outcome is much better.”

Nobody wants to think about cancer, as so many of us have been affected; but it is important to talk about it know the symptoms to look for and to encourage friends, love ones and ourselves to attend screening appointments.

Answer Cancer had lovely positive nominations, for example Amanda Snippe said of one nurse: “Clare, is an innovative, forward-thinking nurse who is extremely committed to high standard patient care and is constantly considering ways the service can be developed to ensure an even higher standard”

Further nominations followed the same tone, with a particular emphasis on the work the palliative care nurses have faced over this pandemic. Never faltering to be there to support patients and loved ones at end of life.