Five-minute injection for breast cancer treatment

Development of a “quicker and kinder treatment” for those suffering with HER2 breast cancer means that patients will need to spend less time in hospital, freeing up time for enjoying life. The brand-new treatment is called PHESGO and is being rolled out across Greater Manchester now.

The treatment comes in injection form and takes only five minutes to prepare and administrate to patients, compared with the two and a half hours in hospital that were previously needed. One patient said the change was a “real life-changer”.

In addition to creating free time, the treatment reduces the impact on immune systems as less time is needed to be spent in hospital. This makes it one in a series of innovations to make cancer care covid-safe.


Further opportunities for cancer care at home

The Christie hospital in Withington is planning to almost double the number of patients receiving vital cancer treatment at home for breast, bowel, kidney, lung, prostate, and melanoma skin cancer.

This fantastic news means fewer hospital visits, leading to a reduced impact on patient’s immune systems and can reduce delays on treatment that where due to the pandemic. What’s more, this service allows people to have one-on-one nursing care so any queries can be answered there and then.

After Manchester’s success, similar services will begin to be rolled out across the country. Well done and thank you to all the staff at the Christie hospital!


New capsule cameras to test for cancer

Miniature cameras which patients can swallow to get checked for cancer are being trialled in Greater Manchester and across the country.

This technology means that patients can sallow a tablet sized camera that will take images to check for cancers, allowing it to be caught at the early stages. The new cameras will hopefully replace traditional endoscopies where patients need to attend hospital and have a tube inserted, the capsule cameras means that people can go about their normal day.

This exciting, sci-fi like technology means that individuals will not have go into a hospital if they’re shielding as well as providing a less invasive procedure.

Importantly, thanks to the hard work of NHS staff, endoscopy services continue in a covid-safe way in Manchester. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please do not delay in coming forward for help.